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Virtual Learning Network 

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Enable e-Learning

Information about e-learning and getting started from the Ministry of Education:

Youcubed at Stanford University

This site has resources for Parents, Students, and Teachers which:

  • Includes 6 ways that parents can support their child's mathematical development
  • A free online course to students on 'How to Learn maths'
  • Lesson's that support a Growth Mindset culture
  • Brain Science research and how that supports understanding of Maths learning 

Assessment for Learning AFL

This is a great source of Lessons that include formative assessment practices to reflect on the learning process. “A Brief Guide for teachers and administrators” is worth a read.


Geobra is dynamic mathematics software for teaching and learning suitable for seconadary maths teaching. 

Download Geobra:

Free Printable Geobra Worksheets:  

Geobra Applets: 

Art Deco Geobra Activity:

Kowhaiwhai - Geometry of Aotearoa:

Tukutuku Algebra of Aotearoa:

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