Manawatu Maths Teachers Association

Fostering Mathematics Education in Manawatu

Network of Expertise [NoE] Contract:

Exciting news: 

We have recently been allocated centrally funded PLD money to help us connect and assist mathematics teachers.  Our local region, within this Network of Expertise contract, consists of Taranaki, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay.  

FOCUS: To use teacher networks and expertise to help raise confidence and capacity of our members

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Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay [TWMH] Regional Kaiarahi 

NoE Regional Steering Committee

Manawatu representatives: Selina O'Leary (MMTA President), Angela Cameron (MMTA Secretary)

Taranaki representatives: Sandra Parry (TMA President), Barb Costello (TMA committee)


Our NoE region is offering two $800 Scholarships to MMTA members wishing to attend this Conference and contribute back to MMTA members 

NoE Scholarship Application 

Note: MMTA is also funding three $750 Scholarships Scholarship Application information

  • MathsCraft workshops - sponsored by NoE funding

Term 3 Week 4: Horowhenua College, Aug 12th, 3.30pm

Term 3 Week 6: Central Manawatu region - see flyer for opportunity to host this

Flyer and link to register interest to attend

We are interested to hear from you

What do you think are priority areas to fund to help raise confidence and capacity of teachers within our region?

What regional expertise do you have/ know of that can be shared with our teachers

Contact our MMTA committee or Sharon Church at